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Animals for toddlers and kids are represented in the form of flashcards for babies, it makes learning animals for kids more demonstrative and effective. Playing our animals games for kids games your baby will meet wild and domestic animals for kids. Main features of our learning animal games for kids: 1 Kids learning animals - a hippo, a wolf, a hedgehog, a hare, a kangaroo, a cow, a crocodile, a lion, a fox, a bear, a monkey, a sheep, a dog, an ostrich, a cat.

The game presenting 15 animals for kids contains both wild a wolf, a fox and others and farm animals for toddler a cow, a sheep. Moreover, there are also animals for toddlers from different climate zones, for example, a wolf, a fox, a bear, a hare live in the Deciduous, Coniferous and Mixed forests while such first animals for baby like a crocodile, a monkey live in the Rainforest. Also your kid will get to know predatory and herbivorous animals for children.

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The animal games for toddlers are voiced by native speakers with perfect pronunciation and clear diction. All these learning games for kindergarteners contain flashcards for kids and are aimed to teach and fix the received knowledge. Such educational apps for toddlers as our free animal games for kids save your family budget and allow to develop and educate your baby with the help of learning games for kids of high quality. Our animal flash cards can be recommended as: - learning games for toddlers age 2; - learning games for toddlers age 3; - educational games for 4 year olds; - educational games for 5 year olds.

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How to play our educational games for kids kindergarten with animals: All our educational apps for kids kindergarten have a very simple and intuitive interface, so even the youngest children will not have the slightest difficulty to do deal with these toddler flash card learning games. The game consists of four learning games for kindergarten: - The first game is a kids flash card learning. The child is supposed to turn over three animal flashcards for kids free in which there are images of animals for kids learning from the front, rear and side view. Clicking the turned cards your baby will hear the name of the given animal in the selected language.

Playing in such a way the kid will get to know all the fifteen animals. The child sees a card with either the head part or the rear part of a certain animal and three cards with the rear or front part respectively. The baby should choose the right card to accomplish the animal body. There are three cards with images of animals of either front or back part to the left and to the right of the screen. The task is put two cards presenting the same animal into the center of the screen.

There are seven flashcards for kids in kindergarten with animals on the screen. The baby should perceive by ear the name of the animal, find it among the cards and click. Reviews Review Policy.

Write on it! Laminated flash cards can be used to write directly on the cards with a white board marker. Hand out markers and stacks of cards to practice writing in an unusual way. Notebooks Give students stacks of cards to write the words and draw pictures in their notebooks, creating their own pictionary or to add to their interactive notebooks. Relay Play a relay game to match the upper and lower ABCs. Place upper ABC cards on the board and students must write the lower case letter below each card.

Place images on the board and students must write the words below the cards. Set the cards in a spaced row with a basket in front of each card.

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Put stacks of ABC cards in front of two teams of students for a relay race. On start, students must take a card and put it in the basket that matches their card. The first team to finish all their cards wins. Race Place two cards on the floor at the front of the classroom. Divide the class into two teams and have them line up.

Give the two students at the front of the lines one eraser each. When the teacher calls out one of the cards, the two students race to put their erasers on the correct card. The first student to do so wins a point for his team. Repeat several times, and then add a third card. Play with three cards for several turns, and then add a fourth card, a fifth card, and so on. With two sets of the same cards, lay them face down in a grid.

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Depending on the age and skill of the students, you can work with pairs. Students take turns flipping over two cards looking for a match. The student must say the word before taking the cards.

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  5. This game can also be used to match two cards, e. Students toss bean bags on a card and must be able to say the word or letter to keep the card. Point to it! Place cards on the board. Using a pointer or long stick, a student points to each card as it is said by the teacher. This same activity can be played in pairs amongst students. This is also a great warm up to the next game.

    The teacher or designated student says a word and students try to be the first to grab or slap the card. Try this game using fly swatters! To be sure there is no random slapping of cards, make the rule that if students make a mistake, they lose a turn.

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    Virtually any small flash card can be made into a fishing game. Fix large paperclips to the flash cards and fashion a fishing pole with a magnet tied to the end of a piece of string. Students throw a beanbag on a card and then must hop to the card and say the word to pick it up. Students roll a dice and go round the track with their favorite object just like a regular game board.

    Insert special cards for losing a turn or getting an extra turn. Place cards in a line on the floor. Two students start at either end of the line of cards. On start, the students say the names of the cards as they move toward the each other. This game will work equally well with small cards on a table where students point to their card as they say it. Make two teams each with different colored bean bags, cards or other type of marker. As cards are pulled from a hat or basket, students place a marker on their cards. Five in a row wins.

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    This will work with even two students. Draw it! Divide the class into two teams. One student from team A comes to the board, picks a word flashcard, and draws the image on the board. The team has 30 seconds to guess the picture. If they can name it, they get a point. At the end, the team with the most points wins. May I? Have one student stand across the room while another student holds up flash cards. Roll the Dice!

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    Choose six picture cards you would like to introduce and place them on the board. Give each card a number from Have one student roll a large dice. The first student to say the name of the vocabulary card with the same number as the dice wins a point for her team. If nobody knows the vocabulary word, introduce it and have the students repeat it. Play until one team reaches a set number of points. Play hangman with one of the words. Be careful that all of the words have the same number of letters!