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  2. Dogs who bite aren't barking mad they're just depressed | Daily Mail Online
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  4. Fly Tales - Inside a Dog (Moucha - Psí život)

A birthday party would surely be a hit. These are all great ideas!

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I love the photo booth and the treats for the people as well as the dogs! Thanks for all the great ideas. The tradition began with my father getting Bastian a McDonald Burger when he was little; and it grew each year! Great party ideas! I do love a party and so do my pets. Thanks for the info. I have not had a party, but I always took my dog to the store to pick out a special toy or treat.

Dogs who bite aren't barking mad they're just depressed | Daily Mail Online

My last dog is sadly gone, I do have a new pup now that will be turning 1 in December. I may need to think about a party! We have hosted a birthday party for the critters! We had a kissing booth, hot dog eating contest, dog balloons, and treats for all! I have never thrown a party for my dog. We always just adopt rescues so we never know the birth date but we usually celebrate doggy birthdays on June 1. I usually give them special treats and maybe a new toy.

I got some great party ideas from your site, thank you. I love having a Birthday Party for each of my pets each year.

Brady 2, Boston Terrier. Polo 3 Cat. Its fun for the pets and more so for the adults! I love celebrating that they are in our lives. Awesome ideas, thanks for sharing! We will definitely be entertaining a doggie birthday party as our puppy is almost 1 year old! Love all the ideas!! Yes, I just threw my 17 year old spaniel mix a big birthday pawty.

There are 250 comments

It was nice to see how much fun she had. I Love these ideas! She loved it. She would sit there with a party hat on at The table and eat her doggy cake I made her,lol. We usually just have a special treat for our rescue Max. I know he would love a dog party. He is fun,exciting,smart and friendly. He has lots of friends in his neighborhood and I am sure they would all enjoy a good dog party. Love all your ideas!

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I have never thrown a Dog Birthday party. I will be doing that on my next birthday foe my dog. I can hardly wait, it look like so much fun. It looks like you got everything covered!! We love throwing our pup birthday parties. Our dog Lucy is a pittie from the Humane Society. My dogs love Red Barn meat rolls!

When I have a picky eater I know I can rely on the meat rolls to get them eating. I have found that grilled hamburgers are well received. These are some fabulous ideas! Definitely pinned and saved this post. Each pup gets a cake, a present, some goodies, we donate to a non-profit organization, and we do something fun like go for a day hike. We buy birthday themed plates and pack up cake for the other dogs in the family. I love this blog post! We have one big party every year to celebrate our rescues and bring awareness….

Awesome ideas!! These are great! Great products and awesome that they are all natural!

Our dogs are Roxie 9 , Riley 3 and Duffy 3. They are a rambunctious sort and love going to the Bark Park and on walks to sniff new areas. Would absolutely love to celebrate their birth days! I have never thrown a birthday party for a dog. I currently have a foster dog…he is only little a chihuahua but he has a big attitude.

Fly Tales - Inside a Dog (Moucha - Psí život)

I have never had a party for my Shih Tzu Cookie Monster, but she does get special treats and attention for her birthday! We could have a party for the four we have now and celebrate all of them! My Doberman puppy just turned 6 months so we have another 6 to start her ultimate birthday bash! Thanks for making it so much easier and covering all the bases with this guide! My pug baby will be 1 year old in December, never thrown a party for a dog before but would love to do some of these ideas for her big day! I have never given a birthday party for any of my pets but I do have a cousin that has a birthday party for their puppy every year.

She goes all out. I adopted my puppy in May. These are some great tips! No bday parties for us but they get treated special every day! I have not yet throw a dog birthday party, but would love to! I have thrown a cat birthday or 2 though! I threw one of my dogs a birthday party a long time ago. We had a cake with candles and even guest. Thank you-. Awesome ides!!! I have never given them a party but I think my dogs would love it.