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And not only will you get better if you take this, but you are a more virtuous person who is striking a blow for freedom and truth. Factually-based is not a high priority. So, you know, the same way we sort of shop for clothes, we want to shop for a medicine. Like, things are real.

homoeopathy | The Institute for Homoeopathic Medicine

So, most of the people who are feeling better, it probably is a placebo effect to some degree. Sugar pills are classically placebo effect. And so, well, what do you do? Like comfort should be part of it. So, when I start feeling a cold, my go-to is Makers Mark. Makers Mark bourbon for whatever reason, it makes me feel better. John: But it makes me feel better. Craig: Sure. I mean, we all are — this is particularly effective for children.

Because children, their brains are still forming.

Homeopathy in Germany

Every parent knows that, you know, when their three-year-old falls and bumps their knee that they want a Band-Aid. The Band-Aid is doing nothing. But they want it. And it will make them feel better. Obviously, yes, only you would wonder what magical ingredient in bourbon could possibly be making you feel better. But there are costs to the wholesale acceptance of thorough complete nonsense. If you give your daughter three Motrin when she has a fever, it will impact the fever. No question. So, I think the underlying pervasive problem for me is that when we choose to be irrational about some things, like our own healthcare, we open ourselves to be irrational about lots of things.

And so there are many things out there in the world which a lot of people are kind of irrational about. Climate change. And all sorts of other kind of non-medicines that are thrown out there as being alternatives to western medicine, many of which are actually dangerous. And there is a substance in peach pits. It does not cure cancer, at all. And people were spending money on it and dying, not surprisingly, either because they were ingesting too much cyanide, or because they were not following a prescribed course of medicine by actual physicians, or because they were going to die.

So, Latril was a huge problem. She was kind of the champion of this movement. It gained traction. A one point the Foo Fighters were on board with this ding-a-ling.

What is Homeopathy in Telugu - Homeopathy Telugu Videos- Dr Raza #Homeopathy

What a shock. And, you know, if you want to die as a result of your own ignorance, I understand. But she willfully infected her own child and killed her own child. Arsenic, lead, mercury. You can kill your kid that way. Craig: Absolutely. Think of homeopathy as gateway stupidity. I believe instead of this modern phenomenon called My Truth. I hear people say this. And there is no your truth.

And if you start wandering down the path where you decide that universal truth is less important than what you choose to be true, well, the foundations of everything real beneath your feet begin to crumble. And you will end up in trouble, inevitably. John: Yup. So, the most recent horrible example of this was Pizza-gate. And so for listeners outside the US, or any listeners inside the US who have blissfully been able to not be aware of what Pizza-gate was, it was just this crazy scandal that sort of burst out of Reddit.

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But essentially these people believed that there was a child sex trafficking ring happening at a pizza place in Brooklyn that major Democratic officials were involved. Hillary Clinton was involved. There were secret code words. That it was all this big thing. And it seemed like one of those crazy Internet things until somebody like shows up there and starts shooting. Craig: Right. Because it feels true. And if it feels true, it is true. And as we proceed in this incredible age of enlightenment and technological advancement, when I look all around me I see this ever widening gap between rationalists and irrationalists.

And there are so many more irrationalists than rationalists. And the vaccines that give us the luxury to walk around in a crowded building and not worry about getting the plague. These people are thriving and giving us everything. The irrationalists take these things and use them to spread irrationality. So, they use the Internet, a rational thing, and they use medicine, a rational thing, and their extended life spans, and all of it to spread things that run counter to what the rationalists say and do.

And I worry that we are going to end up in this crazy bifurcated world between people who are recessing backwards towards caveman-like magical thinking. And then these other people that are moving forward towards some sort of star child status. But, homeopathy is such a canary in the coal mine for me.

It really is.

A Critical Overview of Homeopathy

I hate that more people are using it. It makes me angry. So, one of the problems is just finite resources. But the solution is not an invented system that has no basis in science whatsoever. We know for sure that heart disease kills most people that are dying of medical causes in the United States. Heart disease, number one.

That would be better.

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John: It would be better. So, Hahnemann took a very simple idea, a simple and sort of compelling idea. It was easy to summarize that idea. He spread it by denouncing the experts. He created alternative vocabularies for everything. And when he was confronted by facts, he just kept spinning. He just kept inventing new things until he died.

And this is essentially, you know, we urged you before to use the term begs the question properly. This is begging the question. And let me just come up with a bunch of funny names for the people running against me and lies schmies. John: Good stuff. So, what can you do as a person, as a citizen, to look at homeopathy in a better way and sort of like help us move past our current situation with homeopathy? None of you should pay a single penny for any product described as homeopathic. If it says homeopathic on the box, it does not work. By definition. It cannot work.