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After kind of researching her, I really wanted to see a whole movie on her. She was a real strange cat. She was a witness for the House Un-American Activities Committee, and she decided what line in what movie was a communist plot. I mean, imagine! Kind of kooky.

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So she and her politics were, like, really whacked. She was one of J. Edgar's beards. She kind of ended up being his girlfriend.

The Birth of Venus

It's not really in the movie, but she and another actress were kind of his girlfriends. So, she was also an actress, a stage mom, a writer I really wanted to know more about her after doing my research. But it was super fun to work with Leonardo DiCaprio and Armie Hammer , really fun to do a scene with them, and working in that environment with Clint Eastwood.

Sarah Dunant - The Challenge of Writing

He runs a set like nobody else I've ever been around. It's very quiet, it's very respectful, but it's very tense in a way, because you only get one take or maybe two. It's very church-like, which puts more pressure on the actors, because it's so quiet and focused.

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As a director and as an actor, I just really appreciated having that experience in my career, where I got to see how he works. I thought the perspective of the movie was so interesting, and it was brave of Clint Eastwood to make that movie, so I was happy to be part of it. I'd actually turned it down. And, then, when "Howard The Duck" was such a bomb that weekend, Eric Stoltz came and said, "Howard Deutch wants to offer you this movie again".

I'd already turned it down, and I was like, "I'd better take it". I just kept hearing this voice going, "Get back on the horse! So I said, "Yes", and, of course, that affected my life a lot, because I met my husband, who I'm still married to, and we have two incredible daughters. People love love love that movie. I think probably once or twice a day someone comes up to me You know, if I'm not just sitting in my house.

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If I'm actually out among other people, someone comes up to me and tells me how much that movie affected them, how much they loved that movie, or that it's their favorite movie, which is really quite extraordinary, because the movie was not a hit. But it's had this incredible life.

The opening of "Some Kind of Wonderful" is just so exquisite. The way my husband put together that whole montage that sets up the whole story, it's just so beautifully done. The music, the costumes, the story, they're all still really powerful, which is odd for a movie that's 25 years old. Since its publication in , the Book of Abraham has been a source of controversy. Non-Mormon Egyptologists, beginning in the late 19th century, [63] have disagreed with Joseph Smith's explanations of the facsimiles.

They have also asserted that damaged portions of the papyri have been reconstructed incorrectly. He wrote:. I return herewith, under separate cover, the 'Pearl of Great Price.

The Birth of Venus, by Sarah Dunant | The Independent

Cuts 1 and 3 are inaccurate copies of well known scenes on funeral papyri, and cut 2 is a copy of one of the magical discs which in the late Egyptian period were placed under the heads of mummies. There were about forty of these latter known in museums and they are all very similar in character. Joseph Smith's interpretation of these cuts is a farrago of nonsense from beginning to end. Egyptian characters can now be read almost as easily as Greek, and five minutes' study in an Egyptian gallery of any museum should be enough to convince any educated man of the clumsiness of the imposture.

The controversy intensified in the late s when portions of the Joseph Smith Papyri were located. The translation of the papyri by both Mormon and non-Mormon Egyptologists does not match the text of the Book of Abraham as purportedly translated by Joseph Smith. Edward Ashment notes, "The sign that Smith identified with Abraham [ It has no phonetic or semantic relationship to [Smith's] 'Ah-broam.

Original manuscripts of the Book of Abraham, microfilmed in by Jerald Tanner, show portions of the Joseph Smith Papyri and their purported translations into the Book of Abraham. Ritner concludes, contrary to the LDS position, due to the microfilms being published prior to the rediscovery of the Joseph Smith Papyri, that "it is not true that 'no eyewitness account of the translation survives'", that the Book of Abraham is "confirmed as a perhaps well-meaning, but erroneous invention by Joseph Smith", and "despite its inauthenticity as a genuine historical narrative, the Book of Abraham remains a valuable witness to early American religious history and to the recourse to ancient texts as sources of modern religious faith and speculation".

As noted above, a second untranslated work was identified by Joseph Smith after scrutinizing the original papyri. He said that one scroll contained "the writings of Joseph of Egypt". Based on descriptions by Oliver Cowdery, some, including Charles M. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Book of Abraham disambiguation. Main article: Joseph Smith Papyri. Main article: Kirtland Egyptian papers. Main article: Joseph Smith papyri. Main article: Critical appraisal of the Book of Abraham. Latter Day Saints portal.

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Ritner , p. Rhodes , "Horos" e. Smith , made the following observation on the Book of Abraham: "The church has never to our knowledge taken any action on this work, either to indorse [ sic ] or condemn; so it cannot be said to be a church publication; nor can the church be held to answer for the correctness of its teaching. Joseph Smith, as the translator, is committed of course to the correctness of the translation, but not necessarily to the indorsement [ sic ] of its historical or doctrinal contents. The serpent, represented as walking, or formed in a manner to be able to walk, standing in front of, and near a female figure, is to me, one of the greatest representations I have ever seen upon paper […] Enoch's Pillar, as mentioned by Josephus, is upon the same [scroll].

Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. The show ended after only four seasons. She was heartbroken when he remarked that she was "a beautiful dancer, but too stocky. Navigation menu; About I am an Ex Mormon? On the Seventh Day. MormonWiki Articles! Submit documents to WikiLeaks? The Birth of Venus by Other editions. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

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