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The goal of this strategy board game is to be the player supplying power to the greatest number of cities. Kids and adults around the world have been playing this game for decades. So we all know about chess, one of the best games of all time.

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Some of us even know how to play chess. This is a very nice, standard set and it even comes with a tray with elastic straps for storing the pieces. Plus, it folds up to go with you anywhere. Parcheesi Royal Edition. Ticket To Ride. The deluxe edition is perfect: the tiles fit perfectly in the raised grids, and they rest so elegantly in their real wood tile racks.

Classic Upwords Board Game. Words on top of words. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Game.

Players become detectives scouring London for clues to dreadful crimes, solving mysteries, and best of all, attempting to defeat Holmes himself. You can also play this game with up to 7 friends, or in an interesting, Holmesian twist all by yourself.

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Trivial Pursuit. Everybody has that one friend who is super smart and brags about how they are awesome at Trivial Pursuit.

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Takenoko Board Game. We all know pandas are endangered. But how would you feel if one of them was depending on you to survive? Splendor Board Game. Players take the role of Renaissance-era jewelry makers, which is a surprisingly gritty pursuit involving:. Twilight Struggle Deluxe Edition. This game is like Cold War-era Risk, putting players right in the middle of the dangerous and tenuous relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union, but the scope of the game encompasses the whole world.

This game is just for two players, which makes it a great and fun game for couples to play together. Ok, so there probably was never a real-life Atlantis, but in this game, you can pretend you were there. As the island sinks, players scurry to get their people to safety while simultaneously steering clear of frightening sea monsters.

ROWAN PELLING'S SEX ADVICE: My husband wants to role play in the bedroom

Sounds like a cozy evening, eh? Exploding Kittens. Not only is this game fun, fast-paced, and hilarious, it made history by becoming the most-backed Kickstarter project ever. The premise is simple, but the execution can be tricky. Couples Kindle Cards. The game infuses relationships with life by giving couples one action to perform each week, something to show your partner how much you care.

A sweet way to invest time and love into your marriage. Five Crown. Yes, stars. The pace is fast, and the wild card changes with every hand, as does the number of cards per hand. If you like rummy, this fun game is worth a try. AEG Love Letter. This is a card game with a twist. Each card features one character in the milieu of folks battling for the favor of a soon-to-be monarch, and each character comes with instructions that can make or break the player for that round.

Camels are big business, and you have to use all your business sense to figure out when to buy, trade, or cash in to become the best darn camel merchant in town. Rivals for Catan. Designed for two players, Rivals of Catan will have you searching for gold, defending your settlements, and jockeying for power. This game sets you up as a monarch eager to increase his holdings, just as several other area rulers a.

Play the game and find out. Unlike some more complex strategy games, this one can be played through in about half an hour. Monopoly Deal Card Game. Some genius thought of this. Phase 10 Card Game. No player can win until they finish all 10 of the phases. So you can start this one feeling behind, but keep on playing and you might catch up. I used to play with my brother on long car trips in the summer obviously this way back before the advent of cars that played those magical things called DVDs.

But back in the day when your grandmother was cool. There are lots of moving parts cards, pegs, and points , but once you get the hang of it, cribbage is a great game for two players or even more. Tenzi Game 77 Variations. Android Netrunner: The Card Game. This two-person card game for couples is set in a dark cyber-future, and each player assumes a role with his or her own agenda and way to win. The trick is to pursue your own winning strategy while at the same time preventing your opponent from pursuing his. Hasbro Game — Jenga. The premise is so simple, and yet so addictive: stack the blocks up and then pull them out one at a time without toppling the tower.

This is the classic Jenga we all know and love. Is it because in the movies the tough-looking guys are always playing darts at the bar? But now with this game, you get all the fun of darts without any of the trips to the emergency room. Big Boggle. This is the perfect two-person game for couples to play together.

Go on, impress each other with your vocabulary. Hive Carbon. This two-person game for couples is remarkably similar to chess, except that the playing board is built as you go, adding and moving pieces according to the set rules.


Double 6 Jumbo Dominoes. Plus they come in a nice case so you can keep them all together. For a retro night in, these are your go-to. Dominoes with a twist.

9 Sexy Games to Spice Up Your Relationship

There are so many different versions of this classic game you can play with two or more friends. The bright colors and train markers are fun to play with, and it all comes in a cool aluminum case to keep everything sorted. If you are looking for a self-improvement board game for couples, then Better Me is certainly one your should check out.

Quiddler Card Game. In addition, its a game for couples looking to connect with each other intellectually. Just make sure you have a dictionary before you start playing. Invite your friends over to try out these games. A lot of them would work fine with a multi-generational crowd, but some of them you definitely should reserve for the over yet pre-retired set. Sequence Tin.

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Each player commands one of seven great cities, and the goal is to make your city into an economic powerhouse with its very own ancient wonder. Playing time is a big winner with this strategy game: you can play an entire round in about 30 minutes.