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As a basketball coach, what you say to your players before tip-off — and how you say it — can have a big impact on how they play the game. Here are some ideas about what to say to your team before a game to set the tone for a fun day of basketball.

For The Good of the Game by Bud Selig

Concentrating on records sends the unwanted signal that winning is the most important thing to you. Instead, steer conversations to other areas, such as those below. Let your players know that having sweaty palms or butterflies in their stomachs is perfectly normal and actually preferred.

Nervousness is a good sign that they care about the game. Another round of betting will take place. The dealer will now turn up the second card on the table.

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Each player receives another face up card and a round of betting takes place. The final card in the center of the table is now flipped up.

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The Ugly card is a kill card and any player holding the same card will be forced to fold, with their hand dead. A final card is dealt to the remaining players face down followed up with the last betting round. Presented on 30 November The report presents 65 recommendations, including a wide range of changes to the structure of the board, the administration and structure of cricket, the ethical issues of governing and the funding schemes. Addendum to the report by a committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe PACE , presenting its guidelines for good governance and ethics in sport.

Report by the Swiss branch of Transparency International called "Transparency in Organised Sport," focusing on how increased transparency in sports organisations can help minimise the risks of criminal penalties.

Urban Dictionary: Good Game

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Good governance resources.